Thursday, September 14, 2006

So, here we all are

Summer is almost over and, almost two years on, our wines are bottled and just waiting to be labelled. We road tested them at the fabulous vivat bachus ( restaurat near Smithfield market. With all due humility and with 100% bias we have to say, they are everything we wanted. We came out of the restaurant with smiles on our faces ( a bottle each at lunch time will do that). The Chenin is classy stuff with a slight oak influence but predominantly fresh mineral fruit flavours - refreshing and crisp. The Shiraz is remarkably balanced for a wine that is so young but you can see that it has a long life ahead, if it lasts that long before its drunk. It is being shipped next week and arives in the UK in the middle of October. We had some obscenely decadent 3 litre bottles made as well as some magnums and some packed in wooden boxes. the waiting is killing us - patience was never one of our virtues. We are planning on having a bit of a party to celebrate its arrival, probably somewhere is West London


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