Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A word about winemakers

I am yet to meet a cynical winemaker. They come in all shapes and sizes but even those who make big volumes destined for various world markets cannot resist experimenting and making small lots of interesting stuff for their own amusement and education. So, when we say to Zackie that we want to make such a tiny amount that any accountant would tell you is completely unviable then of course he said yes. Having worked with wine for many years we had ideas about how we thought we wanted it to be made - carbonic macceration, cap punching, sparging, cryo extraction..........but, Zackie said - lets press it, put it in one of the small tanks and see what happens. Sort of disappointing in one way but also right. All the wine writers talk about wine expressing the land it's grown on and so why not do the non interventionist thing and see where you get to. It's a risky approach with such small quantities because if it goes wrong that's it, finished, no more, try again next year.


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