Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ever Wonder What Two Tons of Grapes Look Like?

Ever wondered what two tons of grapes look like? Well lets face it, probably not but, these are them - Two Tons of the finest Shiraz grown in the Riebeek Valley. The Cellars process around 1oooo tons of Shiraz in a good year but for us this was all that mattered. Sadly you can't help but want to have a look through to see if there are any underripe or rotten grapes but as you can see in the picture - harvesting by hand in the vineyard tends to take care of quality and barring the odd leaf, we had plump and healthy fruit. From a pub in Wimbledon to a tractor trailer in South Africa in six months - I have to say, patience is a virtue when it comes to agriculture.
While we were at the winery the very obvious thought occured to us which was what about white wine? But more of that next time.


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