Tuesday, May 30, 2006


When people design wine labels nowadays it tends to be a process by commitee that turns into a workshop on marketing speak with the English Language taking a distinct back seat. It's all about "empowering the consumer to browse the fixture and therefore increase share of throat via impactful presentation".

Being the professionals we are, we phoned another friend, abstract artist Emyr Wynn William and said, draw us an image. Not being a man to think in straight lines he didn't think of Two Tons of Grapes but went for the word Tun which is an old English word for a barrel that is still used in brewing and distilling. If you really must know -

4.5 gallons
= 1 pin
2 pins
= 1 firkin
2 firkins
= 1 kilderkin
2 kilderkins
= 1 barrel
2 barrels
= 1 puncheon
3 puncheons
= 1 tun
Any attempts to protest that it should either be Two Tons or Six Tuns fell on deaf ears and our wine has a name and a label.